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My first topic ever: I always rely on gamespot to give me info on the releases so I know when to go to the store and buy them or purchasing it online.. Now I realize for the first time that gamespot was wrong not once but twice on the release date of this particular game.. Unless im mistaken Steam say's 13th of August and gamestop or something of the sort give's me 10th of August. Here we have 26th of July. Which one is It, and if this one is right then please forward the link of purchase :D
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Man, they are wrong about 26 jul but in german the will be sold in 10 agu. So i suppose that u live in USA.
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nop im from Portugal but Steam releases are usually worlwide. Besides their main site says 10th of August
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I saw there too.... But at least we agree in something the release date is wrong! Release date 9 Aug in German, 10 Aug in Europe 13 Aug in USA!
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I know I'm late to the punch here but I know gamespots date was correct but for some reason it changed... I know this because I right down games I'm interested in on notepad and order them by current release date and post the date on it as well. I used gamespots dates for all the games unless I see it somewhere else different in that case I put it in () for a maybe next to gamespots date. This one has it as 8-13-12 on mine with no guess date.
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according to some of the gamespot release dates, the game will be released today, let's hope for it coz i wanna spend my weekend playing this

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Save your money. It is overpriced and really cheesy.