Ultra Rare Shop 11/23

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Selling Many Perfect Maxed and Regular Ultra Rares. I accept trades Via PayPal and trades will be completed within minutes of Trade being received. In today's shop we have: FIRE PM Brynhildr, War Princess PM Barbara (sk 10) PM Blackflame PM Maat (Sk 10) PM Trick or Treat Maat x2 PM Zera PM Wooden PM Tinkerer PM Ullr PM Urd RM Brynhildr, War princess x2 RM Blackflame x2 RM Flaming Werewolf x2 RM Zera RM Raphael RM Wooden x 2 RM Tiamat RM Ghoulish Forest PM Theri (Sk 8) PM Cerb PM Loki x2 PM Pamona x 2 PM Nosferatu RM Goga RM Hogg Water PM Odin PM Adonis PM Lagu PM Athena RM Odin RM Aurora x2 RM Peg x2 RM Geryon x3 RM Athena RM Lady Crimson You can reach me at LocCards@yahoo.com Don't see what you are looking for? E-mail me your requests as I can procure just about any card for the right trade. E-mail me with any inquiries you may have, and check back often as the list is constantly changing. Also please send me an email address if you would like to be included in my weekly mailing list of updates and chances at great prizes!