BEST BONUS!! 40,000 coins plus rare card to use in game!!

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Follow these steps:

1) Go to App store and Download the FREE game Legend of the Cryptids
2) Create an account and WRITE ON INVITE ID: Traipser ( case sensitive in game, capital T )
3) Start and Finish the tutorial... send me a cheer.

And that is it, collect game rewards 10000 coins and 2 rare cards, player card and a dragon card... and then play! Once you get in game send me a cheer and I will check your name for using my ID and send you a rare card and the 10000 coins I received from you using my ID for invite plus an additional 20000 coins of my own personal coinage!! 40000 coins all together!! Have fun and see you online

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best deal! hurry while i have rares left!