This game is one of those games that comes immiedietley to mind when i think of the best years of my rpg gaming life. ^^

User Rating: 10 | Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana (PSOne Books) PS
There aren't enough words to describe how great i think this game is. Sure it's old and your basic side scroller but, it's awesome. This game just reminds me of the old times and i think this was the first game i played that you had the freedom to change the way the game flowed by deciding which path to choose next. I love this game. ^^ When i think of great old-school rpg this is what i think of.

Music - awesome
Gameplay - easy to understand
storyline - sexy as your imagination

Everything that you would want from an old-school, scroll rpg.

One of the interesting things that i discovered in this game was that there is a board that the music is the main theme of one of Janet Jackson's later songs. I don't know if any credit was given but i played both simutanously and they match...same beat and a couple of years before the Janet song..mmhhmm. Don't get me wrong, i love Janet and the whole Jackson family but this always stuck with me.