Been waiting a long time this type of game in the modern age.

User Rating: 9 | Legend of Grimrock PC
The first game of this type that really caught my attention was Eye of the Beholder. I loved that game. This game is better. Controls are advanced, you can mouse look. Graphics are modern, lighting is great. Spiders can burn in hell. Which brings me to sound: Fantastic!

Old school 3D dungeon crawler... really, what more can be said, if you ever played these games and liked them, you will feel right at home in this. It is not a cheesy knock-off. They put some effort and thought into this game. Nothing more needs to be said, go play this gem right now!

Hmm, how to fill the other 241 characters? Because getting right to the point isn't a proper review? Screw that, who wants to read something that takes more than a minute of your time. PLAY ME!

Forty-four more charactes of wasted space...