Legend of Dynamic Goushouden: Houkai no Rondo Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Unlockable Special Partners

    By completing certain tasks in the game, you can unlock partners that would otherwise not be available through the story. These are special and, when equipped, often give you a tremendous advantage.

    Code Effect
    Talk to Omorai kun everywhere he appears as you play through the first two times, then on the third play-through visit a Gou chan shrine. Gou chan (Nagai Gou)
    Meet all of the characters Ishikawa sensei created or helped to create, then visit an Ishikawa statue (2nd play-through). Ishikawa (Ishikawa Ken)
    Spend a total of 50000 yen at the supply store, and Mummy's Sister will join you. Mummy's Sister