WALK FOR JESUS (in circles)....

User Rating: 1.7 | Left Behind: Eternal Forces PC
This games and I made it to about level 2 I guess. I really wasn't seeing how the antichrist was that bad.... he stopped war, stopped world hunger and generally improved everything excepet that you cant practice religion. That seems like old Jesus would be more that happy to do those things and lately organized religious leaders are doing a bang up job to bring about the end of the world that it starts to make you wonder would Nicholi really be that bad??? Anyway about the game. Here goes.... It still hurts. The pain from playing this may never leave me but there is a hero (sort of) named Buck who is out to stop the evil "?" antichrist by reqruiting people to pray. Along the way you can get beaten up by mobs of people who don't want to pray. Basically the game is training you to be a Jahovis witness. You can die in the game and everyone is forced to eternal damnation. It's that serious. Luckily you can restart and try again. The graphics remind me of the original nintendo or intellivision. Its that bad. I only played for about an hour but that is still an hour plus (including this cautionairy tale) that I will never get back.