A fun zombie game, great for killing a few hours online

User Rating: 8 | Left 4 Dead PC
Left 4 dead is a game that I got off steam, and it's really fun, why there's a 4 instead of for, is beyond me, but that's not the point, the games great!

The story of left 4 dead is..... Well you've got me there, really all that's known is that this is 2 weeks into a zombie invasion, or infection, wtich ever. Te gameplay is nothing special, you have zombies in your cross hair, do the math. When choosing a charecter to paly as it dosen't really matter, as all the charecters play exactly the same, i know this is to make sure that gameplay is perfectly balanced but why couldn't the charecters have played diffrently? (In case you're woundering I like playing as louis, just personal choice)
The graphics are good, but nothing special. Like I said before, the gameplay is nothing special, just shooting zombies. Indespered in the action are a selection of special infected, which instantly gives me the mental image of a zombie ina wheelchair. You have: The hunter, The smoker, The boomer, The wtich....er, and the Tank. These guys (and gal) take a little more skill (and bullets) to take out. So you may be asking yourself; "If these non-special zombies are so despnsible, why are they even in the game?" Well hundreds of them WILL find you and they WILL run at you, this is what's known as the horde. At times I like to take a minute and apriaciate how intense this game is, then i realize: 'OH S#IT!!! I actually have to fight these things!" Sorry Jhon Rommero, bu these are the zombies of the future!
I can't really say anything about the multiplayer because I ahve no friends (except for psycoh hazard), but who ever said I wanted any? But what I did play was fun, if it did have some lag (NOTE: this may be do to my cr@ppy internet conection).
So overall Left 4 dead is a fun game, but it is a bit short, so you should definitly pick it up, wheather it's on the PC or 360!