Left 4 dead 2 VS dead rising 2

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Should I get this or dead rising 2? Because I want them both.
#2 Posted by SongeeX (233 posts) -
Then get them both.
#3 Posted by Kingplayer1080 (50 posts) -

Dead Rising 2 easily, better singleplayer and more things to do unless you trying to play multiplayer really badly.

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put it like this. left for dead is like a game you would hate o play alone and online b ut its a awesome game. the game itself is unique creative and addictive. i play offline co-op and i use Rochelle . the computer a.i is a 7 out of 10 but the stages aren't hard to pass at all. the thing that makes the game great is the dlc to be honest with you which is of course only available if purchased on the Xbox live game market. it much better than one and the game cheap.dead rising is a flexible game that is very fun . creative,funny and outstanding . i would recommend it personally but to be honest with you i am in fact addicted to both. if your a c.o.d person go with l4d2 but if your a Sims person then dr2.
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Im going with Left for Dead 2 http://www.airsplat.com/left-4-dead-2.htm