Leander Cheats For Amiga

  1. Cheat Passwords

    Code Effect
    ZXSP Unlock level 2
    LVFT Unlock level 3
    LUCY Hearts
    SNOW Snow
    SOTB Rain
    LTUS Infinite Lives

    Contributed by: Bodobodot 

  2. Cheat codes

    Type during play.

    Code Effect
    EMMENTALER Level 10
    ALPHORN Level 20
    MATTERHORN Level 30
    IVANHOE Random

    Contributed by: nado 

  3. Extended cheat options

    After entering the "LTUS" password for unlimited lives:

    Code Effect
    Press [F8], [F6], and then Fire Skip to next level
    Press [F2] through [F7] Select any super weapon

    Contributed by: TheProdigy