Great developers delivering a great game! The only downfall is the small faults in the community.

User Rating: 8 | League of Legends PC
If you're a fan of Defense of the Ancients or Heroes of Newerth, both Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, League of Legends is the game for you. Not only is it developed from the minds behind DOTA: Allstars, but it seems to have developed the next generation of these MOBA games. On top of having the typical hero picks and four ability standards, the game goes further to customize the way you play the game. There are ways to enhance your heroes using the different types of "Runes and Masteries" you apply may apply in your profile. The leveling system provides you with a sense of progression and the IP system rewards you with opportunities to unlock new heroes and other, fun tweaks. If you're willing to put a little bit of money into this game (seeing as the game itself is already free), there are various fun things that can help you enjoy the game more! Besides that, the developers work hard to constantly develop new heroes rougly every two to three weeks! Upon reaching the maximum level, you unlock ranked games which gives you a sense of prestige and achievement in the game.
There is only one downside towards this game which is the community. Like most online games, you encounter many different personalities throughout the game. Unfortunately, from my perspective, this game as well as games related to it (HoN/DOTA) has a not-so-friendly community. There seems to be very few games where you won't encounter an internet "troll" or someone who just does not want to stick around for the rest of the match. It also seems to be a recurring theme that when someone is criticized, there is a chance that they will take it the wrong way and ruin the match for the team. My point is that if you can handle the community (or just play with friends) the game is well worth the time you invest in it.