For experienced DotA players, this is hit or miss. New players seriously should try it.

User Rating: 8.5 | League of Legends PC
For any new comer to this particular Hero-Strategy-Multiplayer genre, this game is very forgiving to noobs. For those starting, the game offers an offline mode to test out characters and to learn how to play the game with a tutorial mode. Obviously having two settings right now for Noob and Easy mode is a turn off for most veterans of DotA but PLEASE don't let this shy you away. It's a tool that is offered to the more serious players for making guides, experiment builds (both item and summoner specs), and gives every one a chance to teach how to play as a hero to other people.


For being cell shaded, running fairly smooth on my computer, it is some what demanding I believe but not a whole lot (oxy-moronish I know, you don't need a top of the line card, but need pixel shader 2.0 on the card I believe). They are very enjoyable, lots of time has gone into making these character models smooth and unique. The future holds skins to be applied to these champions for later.


Just like DotA, subtle differences in game play. No denying (good and bad of course... this was a conscience decision from the creators). The game is forgiving in a sense that a lot of the community is new to the game and the matchmaking system helps players play at the correct level with other people.

Lasting Apeal:

If you like a different DotA, this is a great alternative. There is also Heroes of Newearth if you are not interested in this game. It seriously never hurts to try this game out or HoN, it also never hurts to give both games a try.

Closing comments- Great alternative, very open to noobs, some what deep strategy, fairly new community, still in beta but the game developers ARE reading the forums and taking suggestions. Do not be afraid to try this game!


P.S. - The gamespot reviewer seemed a little biased towards HoN and DotA going into the review one sided instead of open minded. It is a free game damn it lol, never hurts to play and hopefully there will be an update for this review because this game is still in Beta and hopefully some more improvements will come along on already a friendly DotA style of play with strong gameplay.