Looking for High Elo players

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http://www.loltips.net is looking for skilled players who want to make high end guides and builds for the community. I believe that we need to have one right guide for a champion made from an expert. Than alot of guides with random builds and many mistakes. The three requirments are:

  • 1750 Elo
  • English Writing Skills
  • Creativity and Will
You can find the form to apply here http://www.loltips.net/?p=563

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Spot Filled for
Twisted Fate

We still need much more players who want to create content!
just visit http://www.loltips.net/?p=563 and apply!

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Still looking for more people to write guides for high divisions...

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http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=50f43552b5446036658455 coppy this creat champ,after 10 level u will get a bonus rp 1250