Krazzi platinum stream: Become a better player

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Hello people interested in my stream, let me tell you a bit about it.

The streamer:
I'm Krazzi and I started up my own stream last season. I'm 24, from Scotland and I'm studying for my honors degree in computer science. I main jungler but I can also play all other roles well. I'm rather new to the mobo scene (I have played in the esl for other games), started playing LoL a couple of years ago and through my own merits I reached 2.1k last season. I'm looking to improve on my solo Q elo and reach diamond this season.

The stream:
I stream in 1080p. To help my viewers, I will be commentating during my stream, giving my knowledge on what I'm playing, who I'm against etc. I will answer any questions you guys have in the chat.

I play music through my stream, if you want to add something, feel free to request it.

So come check my out and be sure to follow if you like it -

I'm looking to stream 16 hours a week, mon-thur 7pm-11pm GMT with weekend optional.

Other ways to show your support:
Like my Facebook page, next giveaway at 250 likes!
Add me on twitter to get instant updates -
Subscribe to me to see my edited videos -

Any comments for me?
Feel free to tell me here or tell me in my chat.

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Gratz to sectory for winning 1900 IP! Next giveaway is at 250 likes!

Stream is online!