Horsemen of the Apocalypse looking for members.

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Hello everyone! I’d like to first introduce you all to HoA in general before going into specifics of our LoL division. As Horsemen of Apocalypse, we are a community of people who have gathered on the purpose of having fun together, socialising and playing games together. The games we’re playing together are mainly League of Legends, Minecraft, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, and Warcraft III. But of course, we can come together to play other games as well if we are interested!

If you are looking for making new friends and playing for the fun, we are what you are looking for! We have our private forum where you can talk about from the games you have, the strategies you develop to share random stuff, play forum games, share both LoL related/unrelated videos, spam and have serious discussions (shortly, everything you can find to spice up the forum! Within the borders of common sense of course).

We have an in-client chat group where you can easily find other clan members to play with. With that being said, our primary way of socialising is via TS3 (TeamSpeak 3). We are there for having more fun and being more coordinated while playing games, chatting on those times that we are not playing and even have karaoke nights from time to time! As it is our primary tool to socialize, having TS3 and using it is a must for every member. For those who are more shy than the others: don’t worry, you can listen a lot more than you talk untill you break the ice and feel more comfortable. Using this way, the administration team holds up daily events at specific times, such as ARAMs and HoA-exclusive custom games and 5v5s.

What we are looking for is nice, social, active members. We have no tolerance for those who rage, insult and make the game a pain for the others. There is a difference between being playful while chatting and being offensive, and common sense is what dictates that border.

As we’ve told, we’re all for the fun! However, we cannot leave the competetive play out of the scene. Members in HoA can form ranked teams within themselves if they want to and in the forum can apply to be an official one (recognized by the administration). To official teams we give a special TS room for them to practice/play without being disturbed by the others, and we give their own subforum for their team discussions.

If what you’ve read interests you, feel free to visit our forum. And if you want to be a part of our not-so-big but sincere community, feel free to apply!


In-game we can be found on EU West, in the chatroom “HoA” (We're solely based on EUW at this point.).


Our website is found at

and our application form can be found at


You're also quite welcome to ask anything you like in this thread!


Lastly you can contact any of the following admins ingame:

HoA Ancient (LoL Leader)

HoA Fiskis (LoL Advisor)

Flavum (LoL Public Relations Manager)

Final note:

We’ll try to respond to applications within 24-48 hours. We apologize for the length of the process, it is due to our admins voting on the applications. So, please fill your application forms throughly as it is the only source of information of you to us, deciding whether you’ll be accepted or turned down.

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Hello!, i am the PR manager for the League sector, the ones Corteo mentioned is an old one.

Hope everyone had a great new years eve. :)

My IG name is HoA Ghoulplayer if anyone has any questiones that you're not getting an answer to in this thread.

I'd be glad to help!

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And I, the great and glorious, Ancient, am the leader of our League Sector.

I refer all comments to Ghoul. Cuz he is special like that.

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I havent been active for some days now.

What do you guys think about the NA Lcs that started yesterday?

to me, i was expecting more from EG.N

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And up we go always looking for motivated social and just fun new members!

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As always looking for good fun and social members! :)

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Hello everyone

Just an update - we're still recruiting!

Please don't be afraid to send us an application, we look forward to hearing from you :)

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We're still recruiting!

Hope everyone is doing well. :)

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As always still looking for active and friendly members.

We are awaiting your applications! :)

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Just had some games with people from the clan, fun games! :D

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Got some new applications in, looking good! :D

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New applications are always good so we want more of them! Dont be shy we dont bite. ;)

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Damn Lee Sin is a fast jungler... Playing as Amumu, I just couldn't keep up with him. :\

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Then of course I try him and I'm slow as hell! Q.Q