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Have An Impact is so much more than just a group a people. It is a place to meet new people and to grow together in a fun game! We learn and laugh and love every moment here in HAI!

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Come to our Community vs Officers night! Want to beat us up? This is your day~!

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Warring City-States event went really well! ^^ Congrats team Piltover!

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What kind of a gaming weekend did you have? if it wasn't fun, you ought to come hang out with us!

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<3 HAI

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Come join us we have a lot of events going on during the week lot of fun to be had! :D

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Have you thought about playing some ranked, or just upping your skills? We have teams and training available! Come check us out!

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nami mid, new meta- i feel it. :3

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Looking for a new place to call home? Check out HAI for all your LOL needs!

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I hope you guys have lots of fun here :D

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Catch the Teemo has been added to our events calender for every other Friday! ^^

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There's always a party at Have an Impact!

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catch the teemo is loads of fun!

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Amazing how much laughing I did while with my friends here at HAI

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This community is constantly expanding!

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Looking for a place to make your debut? Show us what you got!

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HAI is le best

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cake that is all

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growing and growing each day! Come be a part of a fun community!

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come join us tomorrow for ultimate bravery or there is plenty of other events we have that you might find enjoyable!

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wanna see how you've grown as a player? hmmm that don't sound right..O.o...gamer? yes, gamer! then come join to play the end of the month tourney!! :D

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It's Friday night again, have you got your group lined up to play with? If not, come have a game with us!


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Love the guys at HAI!! I have so much fun!!

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The end of the month tournament was fun!

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Check out our great community!

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@ausbloodspilla said:


truf lol

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yep! :D

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Visit us to join in on all the fun!!

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Free training available for members in community

come see us at www.Have-an-impact.com

just ask a training officer

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Come see us for some great times!!!

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The guys here are awesome!! Great place to learn and play the game!!

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you guys are like my second family! :D

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blood too sweet~

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Did i mention that we have an Ike?

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Love meeting new people and enjoying the game together!!

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Warring City-States Battle 2!!!! This weekend! :D

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Events and team building opportunities are awesome here!!

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@jiinglez said:

Warring City-States Battle 2!!!! This weekend! :D

should be awesome

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Lots of fun watching the new teams!

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We have new events that we need people to come and play! Join Have and Impact!

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join us tomorrow for catch the teemo!

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Join us for warring city-states battle 2 this weekend! :D

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Can't wait to smash the teemo's tonight in our catch the teemo event!

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curry~ :D

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Love the team events that the community provides!

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catch the teemo was hell fun today! :D

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Come to http://have-an-impact.com/membership and apply today!!