[H.A.I] Have an Impact - A League Community

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We have a few more new events and game modes coming up including Catch the Teemo this Saturday!

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we have over 200 members and growing daily, join us for fun events and a friendly atmosphere! :D

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Come join us in Ultimate Bravery tomorrow~

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im hosting an event this Friday! Be there!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, come one come all to the most FRIENDLIEST commmunity you will ever find

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Come see what all the fuss is about @ http://have-an-impact.com !

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excited! can finally make it to an ultimate bravery night! :D

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Prove how brave you are tonight :3

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Community vs Officers tomorrow come out and chill!!!

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Be afraid the return of jungle janna!!!

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Tonight we have catch the teemo! join us much fun will be had! hope to see you there :D

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Come join us to play Catch the Teemo game~!

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Check out our website and see all the fun you are missing! Join HAI today!!!

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Come on tonight where you're able to pick out your most hated officer and have them suffering in our Community vs Officers night!

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Catch the Teemo was really fun, Thanks to Blood for the event idea and planning! ^^

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What a weekend of in house events, much fun was had by all!

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Last night was a blast~ Come to our next event this Wednesday!~

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Come join our family!!!

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After the officers vs. members event....i built a pillow fort in Jellyfishes bedroom and took a lil nap. i want ice cream now lol

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http://have-an-impact.com/! Come join in on the fun!!!!

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What an awesome group, you really should come check us out!

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Join us today we have a lot of events going and some for RP prizes! :D

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The start of a new week for league :D

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Love this group of people! New friends that I think are the coolest!

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Oh my bob, Blood is trying overwhelm us with even MORE events :D

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its ok xdwlf, we'll live in our elven tree houses XD

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5 v 5 is much more fun when you are playing on Team Speak..!

Come do some playing with us!

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Come check out our website and see why everyone is so excited!!!

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Like meeting new people? Come hang with us! We will give you sparkles!!!!

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Free taco Tuesday for everyone who joins! Some conditions apply, limited to your home!

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Come and have some chocie and brew!

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Seriously just an amazing group of people!

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More to do in this community every week!

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New event of warring city-states this weekend! :D

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We have all sorts of different events! come try us out we're friendly and easy going people with a zero tolerance for raging.

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What I like best is our friendly family oriented atmosphere, that makes everyone feel welcome!

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Amazing time spent duoing with friends and the events that happen each week are awesome as well!

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Join us today we have events, RP giveaways and skin giveaways, we are easy going people and we provide a relaxed gaming environment :D

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We welcome you all!!! Come hang out!!!!

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...spring break wasn't long enough...moar league T.T

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A chill community for chill people here :D

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I love the people in my community

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Gotta love a community that has a great atmosphere and is non toxic in league!!

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It is Friday night, do you know where your League partner is?

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Tonight is Ultimate bravery night. Check out this game and all of our other ones @ http://have-an-impact.com. We are always looking for new and experienced players to expand our family. Please join us and see what all the fuss is about!

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i know i'm on less during the school days, but i lub y'all <3

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ultimate bravery was really fun- i didn't think i would like playing teemo but ooo the troll plays XD

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Come join our first Warring City-States event~!

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We have our own faction battles with some lore mixed in of our own if your into that! :P