[H.A.I] Have an Impact - A League Community

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Jelly suddenly talks about credit cards after downing soju lol

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Come join HAI! The only community with drunk officer meetings :D

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Join us and try us out whats the worst that can happen? :D we don't bite!

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Pls based helix god. Show us the true impact we desired~!

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EPIC good times with this community!

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I won a free skin today! Woop!

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I couldn't ask for better Officers. Training officers have been doing a phenomenal job!

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We been giving away free skins to our member. Come and join for a chance to win~!

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Come check us out for Ultimate Bravery night this friday! :DDD

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Ultimate bravery's every week now :D

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Im hosting an event Friday! Be there!

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I have a blast with this community!

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i think gamespot is not letting some people log in O__O"

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My event is tommorow! Be there!

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Ultimate bravery tomorrow. Hope it's gonna be a blast!

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The secret is out! You found us! Come join a fun group of fellow gamers! We are always happy to accept new members!

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Ultimate Bravery starts right in a few minutes~! GO GO

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Event nights are the most fun times together as a community!!

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I died today

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we reached 200 members today! Thank y'all for all the lub~ also...i'm sorry i may have killed our CEO....O___O"

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someone tell riot to fix these typos in matchhistory...it keeps saying defeat but clearly we won that game bloodspilla, rhyking, JellyNomFishy and i clearly carried the game lol -denial-

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Try us out guys we're very friendly and we have a no tolerance policy for raging at other players its a very welcome atmosphere!

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No rage is all the rage <3

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The event went great Friday! Join HAI to play next time!

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Don't miss our next event coming soon~!.

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Free training for those who want to get better?! Come check us out!

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Officers vs. Members in half an hour! >:D

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This is going to be exciting :D

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Officers vs. Community was a blast! Join HAI for next weeks event!

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Let me know when you can get on our TS to continue! Our event today was a BLAST! Come join the fun!

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No need to play with out friends, come join us!!! There are plenty of people looking for duo partners, and people to do ranked and regular games with!


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the most blood thirsty janna, crazy jungle veigar, beliebing singe we lost but it took a long fight lol

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Singed and Eve bot? No problem at all~

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Our members are too cruel and creative :D

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Loved the in-houses!

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I'm head event officer for have an impact come join us for some fun and stress free games and events! we hope to see you soon :)

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A great group of Officers to make an even better community!

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Creative members indeed, look forward to a new event that is secret so i can't tells you but you will lub it. yes. >:]

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Our 2nd 1v1 Tournament is today~! Come and join us~!

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Join our tourney to win free RP!

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Im hosting an event this Friday! Be there!

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You guys are the best!

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Come join us we don't bite!

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says the Vampire! lol jk :P

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What do you all think about the new team builder? I loved it!

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Everyone here are very friendly and very welcoming!!!

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Join us today for a friendly environment we don't bite, what's the worst that could happen? :D

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I couldn't have asked for a better group of people, hands down the best guys and girls around!

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Om nom nom! This community keeps on getting better :3

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i can't wait for this saturday to try catch the teemo!