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Come hang out! :) Loadsof fun guys.

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We played a few hexakill games last night and it was a blast :D

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What a great game, what a great group of people, you must join us!

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Hexakill in-house was pretty funny to watch =] Come join the fun!

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Best community NA <3

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What are you talkin about jelly? we're gonna win it right now. just wait. alll part of the plan :3

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Ahhhh Monday....we meet again. =.=

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This hexakill game mode is utter chaos!

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To ensure our members have a great environment to play in, we hold weekly officer meetings to improve on anything that we are lacking on!

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So it is Monday night...what are you doing? Are you playing with us? If not, why not?

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Spoiler Alert! We have a new event coming!

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Good morning everyone~ Come back out our featured morning streamer such as myself~!

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Join us today for loads of fun, trust me.. we're obnoxious. We'll keep you laughing too ;)

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If you are looking to hone your skills, or maybe even find a duo partner..Come check us out, you will not be disappointed!

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We work hard to have fun :D

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A great place for meeting new people and having a great time! We have absolutely ZERO toxic members!

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Lookin forward to capture the flag! :D

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We are gearing up for some fun in house games and competitions. Come play with a rad bunch of cool peeps!

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So excited for the capture the flag event coming up that we created ourselves as well. Get. In. Our. Community.

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CTF almost here~! Just a few more days.

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Capture the flag is almost here!!!

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Capture the flag: The newest, coolest game mode 2014 :3

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Need a duo partner? There's plenty of people in here that are great players and if they won't duo with you they will help you out! come on in!

Have an impact on the league of draven community... i mean legends.

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Ultimate Bravery night was such a blast! Please join us on our next event night for gut wrenching laughter! Oh yeah, and did I mention, that you can find the details about how to play here.......


And you can find our little community right here.....


Come visit with us!

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Chris gave me the knuckle sandwich :O. Forever forged in my memories X).

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So many things to do with so little time!

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Thank you Jelly for making the soju watermelon drink for my bday~ <3

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Only the best community ever! these people are awesome~! Come join the fun :D

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It's Friday night, and you all know what that means! The night awe all wait for to be able to play TONS of LEAGUE! Now you just need a fun community to hang with! We can provide that! Come check us out!

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Capture the flag event in an hour!!! :D

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Event tonight! Capture the Flag at 5pm CST!! To join simply be in our event channel on teamspeak 5 minutes prior to the event. I will also be giving out a free skin today for those who are on our TS!!

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That CTF yesterday was pretty awesome. The rules are all polished now :D

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Everything went well yesterday! Come join in on the fun!

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Clam Chowder while watching LCS? Yes I do~

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Loving this community

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Crazyness!! Have you got a group of people to try Heaxakill with yet! If not, come play with us!

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Tomorrow is in-house 5v5's~ :D

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Best community there is ^.^

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Why not spend some time making some friends in League...It is so much better to play when you actually know who you are playing with! Come hang out with us!

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Had a really productive day!

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We only have a few more days before Hexakill comes off the client. Come join us~!

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bored? come join h.a.i. and play some rounds of league with us! :3

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Cant wait for this week's events!

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Today was a snow day, did you have a chance to play some League, if not, will you be able to make it in to play with us tonight? We look forward to meeting you!

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Ultimate Bravery night! Wed.! come join us~

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Officer meetings every week to make sure our community is the best one out there!

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Be sure to check us out~! We're always either online or waiting for you to come~!

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Cant wait for this weeks events!

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Been in this Community for over a month and it's great everyone's friendly easy to get along i recommend joining! :D hope to see you there

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Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill.