[H.A.I] Have an Impact - A League Community

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Especially them Jelly squad. :3

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Stop looking for a good community. Join HAI!

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Bump, this community needs WAY more attention. We love people and we have a lot of fun together :)

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Our first ultimate bravery event is coming soon in just a few days. Come join us to learn more!~

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Can't wait Ike!!! finally a chance for even the lower levels to win!!! muhahahaha!

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This Ultimate Bravery that's coming up is gonna be my first time playing this type of game :D

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What is life? And what is a community that doesn't have or need BUMPS, because they are both awesome.


Draven out!

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What is love?


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and here i thought cyborg was our official DJ, endlessvoid givin him a run for his money :P

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Cyborg needs to reclaim his territory (Pee all over it :D)

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Ultimate Bravery has finally come!

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I wish ultimate bravery happened every day :3

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i had school till late yesterday so i missed it DD; but Aram night is tomorrow!!! :D

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Aww, good thing there's enough events for everyone's schedules :D

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HAI= Best Community NA

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Its great to see everyone is having a blast! Come join the Impact!

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Hope everyone had a happy Valentine day!~ Or Single Awareness Day thinggy!

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Happy Valentines day to you all!

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We are definitely picking up pretty quick, but we still want more people, and still always welcome people ^^

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5v5 tourny next week!

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hope everyone had an awesome valentine's day~ now for more league >:]

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Where the party?~~~ In my channel ;)

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Come hang out if you're bored and want to chill or do something fun :D

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A bunch of awesome people doing awesome things =]

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lol i looked up some league jokes and here's some that i liked! (these aren't mine)

Trundle never ceases to be amazed about how everyone on the internet knows he's a troll.

For some reason Alistar suffers from headaches.

Maplphite once took swimming lessons
...he doesn't like to talk about it

There are 300 jokes about Pantheon!

Why is Alistar bad at math?
Because he runs over Ryze.

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PLS Why the Koreans and the Canadians invading?

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I'm shacoing my head at these jokes.

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Kog'maw and Karthus once fought to the death....and after....XD

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Lots of fun events this week! Join HAI!

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So if we're talking about people and league of legends at the same time, and who is out of who's league... well... next time you want to be nerdy, and tell a girl you're out of her league, tell her you'd be challenger, and she'd be bronze OOOOOOOO! lol... yeah we make bad jokes too, but we're lovable. Join Hai :). Kthx & Plz.

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If you are looking for some cool cats to hang with, come check us out!

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Lets go get em!

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Cant wait for the tourney!

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Join us while Jelly makes a fool out of everyone :D

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So here is the deal....you already know that you love playing League.., we all do! Why not come hang with a group of people that love to have fun playing, and with people that never rage! Wouldn't that be great! Hop onto our TEAM SPEAK server, and try some team games while communicating directly with your team! It is so much fun if you haven't tried it! Changes your experience entirely! We can provide training opportunities to improve your game, or you may even find a duo partner that you work well with.!

We look forward to having you!

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Our tournament is coming up! Come join now and don't miss out!

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one coffee two coffee three coffee floor.

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The tourney's almost here? Time passes so quickly!

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Hexakill today. Who's ready to join us and have some fun!? :)

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The weekend is fast approaching, do you have a plan on who you are going to play League with? If not, come hang with us....Free cookies and milk to the first 10!

See ya!

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It IS possible to have a community with no ragers!

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Put yo game pants onnnnn! >:D

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Seriously, lets all go check out this hexakill thing :D

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The end of the month tournament needs to come sooner!

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Tonight is ARAM night....in-house fun! Come join us for some great times!

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Tomorrow is the end of the month tourney! :D

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People gonna be mad when they get a pentakill :3

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5v5 in-house tomorrow~ whose house? H.A.I's house~ :3

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HA!!! I caught you checking us out! Just come and spend some time with us! :D

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It's the weekend! Party with HAI!