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Greetings fellow Gamers,

Have An Impact is a community that is looking to create a home for all players. Whether you are a casual or a pro player, you have a place in our community. Our goal is to maintain a fun, active and relaxed environment for all gamers to make new friends, to enter into tournaments or even try to make it into the big leagues.

Here at Have An Impact, we strive to make sure you get whatever it is that you are looking for. It could be from meeting new people to creating a team (of any type), and enjoying community events to even trying to get sponsored. Trying to get better? No problem! We even provide FREE training for those who ask!

We offer:

-A dedicated Team Speak server

-Monthly tournaments

-Weekly Events (In-houses, ultimate bravery, 1v1s, etc.)

-A dedicated team of Officers

-Stream advertisement

-Sponsors for up to 2 teams

This is great and all but how do I join? Simply fill out an application! Applications can be found here:


After you fill out an application, an officer should comment on it within 5 minutes! While you wait for an officer to come help you out, come onto our teamspeak3 server!

Our TS3 server is :


What are you waiting for? Come fill out an application right now!

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Can't wait for our first tournament coming up!

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A friendly group of league players to meet and play together. Great place for casual gaming or serious competitiveness if you're looking for a ranked duo buddy.

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We just reached 30 members on the first day! Lets have an impact guys!!!

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Everyone seems so friendly and chill. It's a nice change of pace playing with such cool people.

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So many awesome people! Come join now and don't miss out!

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Our tournament is closing in!! Come join us now and don't miss out!

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We're been getting so many active members these last few days. Our family getting bigger~! ^^

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Last night 5v5 in-house was so much fun!~ Been ganked by a team by 5 teleport is so troll X)

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Had an amazing event yesterday! Come join the fun!

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yea that was such fun, i can't wait for ultimate bravery night too >:] feel like i have a decent chance at that. lol

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This community is by far the best; great people; great events, and a great time. By far the best community

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Our first 1v1 RP Tournament is coming near! Be sure not to miss our very first tournament!

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BUMP! This community is really great, everyone should give it a try, Let's "Have An Impact," on the league community and get all the non-toxic players together, though everyone is welcome we want it to be negative free! THINK POSITIVE!

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Gosh, I cant get enough of this community. Its just so great!

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Our first scheduled event ON super bowl?!!? Yet we had enough members to have our event! Come join the community that's able to steal men away from the super bowl! :D

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#dravenbump! I got bored with the normal bump, but no seriously you need to join this community, it's the best community on league of legends so far with quite a bit of awesome & kindhearted people!

Draven out!

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Awesome event yesterday! Can't wait for the tournament tomorrow!!!

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Our first tournament is just the next day! Be sure to check it out!

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The RP prize for this tournament is looking awfully appealing :D nom nom nom

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Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the day, for our 1v1 tournament! I hope to see you all there! Come be a part of Have an Impact to take part in all of these special events! Its a blast!

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Our community is like family and we all care and take care of each other! You really need to check us out and join! :)

Draven out!

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The tournament is finally upon us!! Come join today to be able to join the tournament!

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Join the league of Dravennn, I mean Have an Impact :D

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Our first event is a blast~!

Congratulation Blanknotes for taking 1st place in our first 1v1 tournament! Thanks for everyone who joined!

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Congrats Blanknotes!!!! This friday at 5pm central is Aram Night!!! :D

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Greeting summoners, Have an Impact is one of the newest,fastest growing communities in League of Legends. Come see what all the fuss is about at www.have-an-impact.com

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Bump, this community really is growing extremely fast. And it needs to grow more, we need a bigger family :D

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We need Moar people Moarrr!

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Shall we have a karaoke night? :D

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I cant wait for the end of the month Team Tournament! It will be fun!

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Lets get that karaoke night running. Grab that mic! :D

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-grabs mike mic- lol now suffer my horrible singing!!!!! bwahahahaha~ >:]

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Played some Normal 5v5's with some peeps in the community last night, it was pretty darn fun, we all get along really well. It's starting to get bigger and bigger every day. Everyone is welcome. Come help us to "Have An Impact," on the League of Legends community! :)

Draven out!

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W00t I'm looking forward to Aram night!

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We reached 100 members! On to the next milestone!

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Greeting summoners, Have an Impact is one of the newest,fastest growing communities in League of Legends. Come see what all the fuss is about at www.have-an-impact.com

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I like to thank everyone for joining Have an Impact. We just reached our 100th member! We couldn't make it without you all!

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i like that this community is good for both serious and casual players. They offer you a chance to stream and get sponsored as well as offer training--i don't know any other place like that. :3

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Bumpin' in the night, played some ranked duos with some fellow members of the community last night. Was AWESOME!

Draven out!

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Aram in an hour guys! Come have fun

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<( ' . ' )> <---i want this as a badge in game...lets make it happen. :3

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Dont be Square, join HAI! ;)

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Let's have an impact!!

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Aram night went really well even though i lost T.T

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Much fun

so good

Late night 5v5 are the best XP

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Come hang out with us!!!

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Bump.. O.O don't underestimate us, we are an EXTREMELY FUN & Friendly community! Come join us!

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There should be quite a few games going on for tonight's in-house 5v5!

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These guys and girls are awesome!