Free Alistar

#1 Posted by Cryptic_Shadow (203 posts) -

When I bought Diablo 3 it came with a free Champion code (Alistar).  I am not playing the game nor will I ever use this code to redeem the champion.  So I thought I would share it.


Expires:  5/14/12 - 6/3/12

Cheers :)

#2 Posted by Neo_Sarevok (2988 posts) -

Hiya, thanks for the code. I already got Alistar for free elsewhere a while back, as have a lot of veteran players, but hopefully a beginner player could put this code to good use.

#3 Posted by RevolverAce (983 posts) -

isnt alistar free if you link your account to youtube and subcribe to roitgames channel?