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Hello fellow players of Europe Nordic & East!

This thread is the introduction for our 'casual-gaming' community Zealot Gaming. The total community currently has approximately 325 members spread over a variety of games. More than 200 members are divided amongst LoL EU and NA servers, of which around 80 are in Nordic & East members. We are formed by gamers, for gamers and we are looking for like-minded people! So if you're looking to get more out of LoL than a simple match history and socializing within a well-sized community, then you might take interest in Zealot Gaming!

Why should you join us?

We have several reasons, however competitive gaming should not be one of them in particular because we are a casual gaming community. Maybe after reading this you might change the reason you are looking for a clan. Many of our players initially join us for a social experience or at least to get 'more out of the game than just playing'.

So if you are tired of playing alone or tired of ragers, leavers, then this community might be something for you! Make friends, find team mates and most importantly, have fun!

"A long time ago I actually started to look for a team myself, to have players to play with, then I joined Zealot Gaming and now I've been here for more than a year!" - [zG]Woods

Please keep in mind that we are a community and not a competitive team or even a competitive clan, you should not join us for the sole reasons of finding a team.

What do we offer for you?

Aside from the basic clan advantages that we offer we also host 3 gamenights per week, consisting of both Fun and Serious Gamenights to satisfy our members' needs. These start at 19:00 CET/CEST and go on for as long as interest remains.

Occasionally we offer tournaments such as 1v1 and 2v2 but also other events, 5v5's have not worked out in the past because we do not have enough stable ranked teams as this is mainly a casual clan.

We also offer a friendly community that we strive to keep rage-free at all times!

And last but definitely not least! We offer complete versatility as we are a multi-gaming clan with several other games as Divisions such as Path of Exile, Battlefield 4, Dota, Smite, Counter strike and some more Trial Divisions and Gaming Groups. Meaning you can always join fellow clanmates in any other game you would like!

How to join our community?

To join our community you must register on our forum/site and then apply for the EUNE division:http://www.zealotgaming.com/index.php/join. After this an officer will review your application and contact you to further introduce you to the ways of our clan.

EUNE Division Leadership and Contact


IGN: Limebear

E-mail: limebear@zealotgaming.com


IGN: zG Angel

E-mail: angel@zealotgaming.com


IGN: Koku Ryuu

E-mail: kokuryuu@zealotgaming.com

[zG] DanDK

IGN: Renascence

E-mail: dandk@zealotgaming.com

[zG] Phoenix

IGN: zPhoenix

E-mail: phoenix@zealotgaming.com

Other useful information

Our rules and policies

Clan structure

Justice system - We do not tolerate rage, flaming or in general unfriendly behavior. Any members who do this will get warnings which may result into a ban from the Forum and Teamspeak.

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We are still looking for people to join us ^^

Don't be afraid to join we are friendly and we would love to have you in Zealot Gaming :)

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Had an awesome gamenight this weekend come and join us ;3

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Gamenights today and the next 2 days :D come join us ;3

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It's Super fun ! Worth a TRY !

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Gamenights and nice events , make sure u join to not miss all of this :D !

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Join us people we offer a warm and friendly community !

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Gamenight are coming up this weekend , join us :D

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Try us you will not regret it I guarantee :)

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Come and join us guys ! :D

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Join you are missing on a massive blast of fun !

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Join us guys we have some nice events going on !:D

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Joineru oueru community !

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Join us guys ! and ull get free cookies ;3

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Join naoo!! We sell polar bears for cheap prices + join in the next 2 days and receive free bunny poop :)

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just had an awesome weekend join up guys :D

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Guys come join us were a fun community with alot of fun people so dont be scared and sign up ;3

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Joinerino for intense gamenights almost LCS style... We had to pause the game yesterday so someone could switch the keyboard LCS style :D

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Come and join us today guys :D !

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come on guy come to us here you can find a lot of nice people to chill out have fun and a lot more ... we have a lot of clan activities everyday: zealot gaming is awaiting you