Le Vamp Cheats

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http://tinyurl.com/km5ex38 Deadly Challenges: Nine different types of enemies and hazards block Le Vamps fun, including the meat monster; Le Wurst, the Pumpkin Pile, and others! Finger Fun: Cut, yank, smash, block, fling and destroy with simple gestures! Wield Dark Powers: Take advantage of powers like Sunblock, Bat Form and more to help Le Vamp overcome obstacles! Upgrade: Gather coins to upgrade the powers available to Le Vamp! Gothic Style: Offering a mixture of cute and cartoony with a dash of the macabre, Le Vamps world is wonderfully colorful and surreal. Beat Your Friends: Compare scores and achievements across multiple social networks! High Voltage Software We take fun seriously
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I have the working cheat tool for this. Might as well share this to you guys, coz honestly I spent tons of wasted hours searching, and finally found the working cheat / hack tool. Download the full file with instructions here: http://tiny.cc/filedl124 Basically it contains the tool, with step by step instructions. Enjoy!