Wow! This Game Is so amazing! It is way better than the rest of the series!

WOOOOWW! This game is AMAZING! This is way better than the rest of the 18 Wheels of Steel games by far. The loads are great there pretty realistic. The trucks are realistic also. It feels like your actully in the truck! Some of the trucks on the game are some of the best in real life. On the game it is cool because there is a lot of things you have to do on the highway & things like weight stations & stuff like that. This game is so totally different than the others in the series & they all have there advanteges & weaknesses. Some of the towns on the map are pretty popular or important towns. People say it's a racing game but you dont race any one it's more of a Truck Driving Sim or a Driving game. I think everything on it has come a long way. trailers & trucks & cars are all realistic & cool & so are the sounds in the game.