Great it's finally for arrived for PC, but Rockstar has a serious problem with optimization.

User Rating: 7 | L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition PC
While the story is interesting, the characters and graphics are good and the overall tone and feel of the game is great, the poor performance on PCs however is just embarrassing.

This game is like an interactive movie, I like that - it makes for a more focused and controlled narrative and Bondi is a good director, the game mechanics are a little stiff, but they work and you feel like you are part of a cop movie rather than playing a game.

The overall graphics are adequate and facial animations are, as expected, quite good - there are some weird moments, but this is a relatively new tech for the gaming scene so that's to be expected.

I would love to give this game an 8 or maybe even 9, but the problem is that it just runs like my computer is 10 years old and can't keep up. Problem of course is that my computer far exceeds the recommended, so there shouldn't be a problem at all. It was the same with GTA IV and it's downright embarrassing that Rockstar didn't learn from that experience. And here we are again, a port that runs like crap with memory leaks, stuttering, texture popping and bad coding. Now this isn't just isolated to me, if you're wondering. 4 of my friends bought this game as well and we have quite different setups and operating systems and all of us are having problems.

So, as I said in my review for GTA, don't buy until they patch and fixed this. In the end GTA ran like a dream, but I wished I'd waited 6 months to buy, same deal here... I can wait to play this, but as of now it's back on the "shelf" until it can actually run.