The Game that brings Suits on their knees finally....

User Rating: 10 | L.A. Noire PS3
...really....we were waiting more than a decade to get to see one maybe two a year games worth to deserve, an 8 or stretched out out 9. Ok i would also hold to 9 if i was a critic, but as a gamer, this game deserves 11....

Suits of the button mashing, of the every game should look the same,of the click, click through quest info, not bother to read anything....ends LA Noire....At last a game that you have to think first, and shoot least even with shooting, every bullet wasted to the wrong target counts.

Post War La, the flair of America we all loved through the movies, the familiar setting getting around from Grand Theft Auto, the succesfull controls as well....but the coming back on the similar adventure games that demand the player to use his mind....make some more synapses than the average go there fetch/kill X, come here, ug, ug, button masher, is what defines and separates LA Noire from the rest, and frankly most games of the last decade....Where they lacked in graphics, they excelled in putting the player to think, to achieve solving the story.

Rockstar surely has rounded up the nerd suits in downtown Central, and unleashed FINALLY, some clever detectives in the highways of gaming, at last.

I hope for a continuation of the Series as many as them beatiful cities of America are, and of the World as well. The adventure/detective genre should not be buried again by nerds in suits.