Fun but the it's just not quite right.

User Rating: 8 | L.A. Noire PS3
L.A. Noire does a beautiful job of putting the playing into a an old noire movie, well multiple noire movies. and maybe that's the problem the game doesn't seem to flow but takes you threw a story, ends abruptly then sends you on your way with another investigation. Almost like playing threw levels of an old game instead of the free flowing open story that I was hoping for.

The controls are less than intuitive. Many a time my yells of "take cover you idiot, noooo not over there" as my character steps around the set of boxes then takes cover in full view of the enemy, then refuses to leave. which leads to another problem I have actually taken cover next to the person who was shooting me only to have him stop shooting like he actually couldn't find me, the A.I. is kind of slow in moments. Finding clues is easy enough, just wonder around and listen for the chimes to sound hit "x" and poof their you go.

Interrogations, most of the time you sit back and read the face of who you're questioning and ask more questions based on that. Most of the time that works really well with face animation done well. The only problem being is you'll see one expression on a face say they are lying, then see the same face again only have them not be lying at all. At times the person will have no expression at all, just sit their looking at you doing nothing. Which makes sense, some people can just lie better than others, all the same it can be frustrating.

The game did however do a great job making you feel like you're in 1940's L.A. You're able to drive around and see the sites just how they were back in the day. Along with some great period music the game takes you back in time.

I've had a lot fun playing, and while there's room from improvement, it's worth picking up.