I think I hyped it up too much..

User Rating: 8 | L.A. Noire PS3
I don't think it is a short-coming of this game, but my own fault for hyping it up far too much. Coming from a family in Law Enforcement, I will say I never anticipated a game like I did this one...

That being said, the concept and innovation utilized is flawless, but at times it was dangerously close to being repetitive, not "boring".... but repetitive. The searching for clues can get old, the interviews are just fantastic though. Graphic design and HD facial recognition is breath taking.

I finished this game this evening (about 20 hours)... *SPOILER* after the LAPD essentially burns your rear end by placing their corruption on you the games plot really took a turn in the wrong direction for me. Or how about not having a decision to commit adultery and then having it hung over your character. I know it is not technically a RPG, but that could have been handled in a better light. Essentially making the one good character in a corrupted city look like a scum bag, just got a bit old. It was so fun working your way up homicide to vice etc.. just to be de-railed. Once that promotional process was derailed it just did not seem the same. The story was incredible up to that moment... I just wish there could have been a story line that didn't include the entire force shunning you and then trying to kill you at the end.