umm ok

User Rating: 5 | L.A. Noire PS3
so this is the best crime drama that the makers of some of the greatest video games of our time could come up with ?
really ?
they show it off as open world, and sure it is, but is it really ?
the story is extremely linear and involves absolutely no thinking whatsoever.
ya the cut scenes look mint, but that is pretty much where it ends.
the game is really boring, i will tell you this. if you are expecting a action packed crime drama look elsewhere because this aint it.
all the crime scenes start to meld together at a certain point, its almost like you say to yourself over and over and over, "havent i done this before?"
there is just no variety in this game, and for the amount of time they spent making it there should be.
do not for one second think this is gta from a cops perspective because it isnt.
MAYBE worth a rental, thats it.