Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlockable Bonuses

    Enter these codes at the main menu to unlock special goodies in your single player and multi-player gameplay.

    Code Effect
    97888599 Unlocks Edit Parts: Sides-Cropped Hair, Down Vest, Cargo Pants Cargo
    84208433 Unlocks the ability to learn special attack "Shousuida" at the dojo
    09566953 Unlocks Edit Parts: Ace Cook Cap, Ace Cook T-Shirt
    75323457 Unlocks Edit Parts: Ace Cook Parker (sweater), Ace Cook Pants
    25953543 Unlocks Edit Parts: Rockabilly A, School Uniform rolled-up, School uniform sneakers
    40187701 Unlocks cabaret girl item "China Dress" in Don Quijote
    54507515 Unlocks Edit Parts: Onii-style C, 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt Hanya, Cargo Pants in
    32145222 Unlocks cabaret girl item "Maid Outfit (pink)" in Don Quijote
    77966173 Unlocks Edit Parts: Pony Tail A, Collar Jacket - Leather, Leather Pants
    32631925 Unlocks cabaret girl item "Blazer (beige)" in Don Quijote
    99438053 Unlocks Edit Parts: Onii-style G, Parker (sweater) - Skull, Tight-In Zipper Denim
    50870985 Unlocks the ability to learn special attack "Marshall Blow" at the dojo
    15683494 Unlocks the ability to learn special attack "Brazillian Kick" at the dojo
    66651977 Unlocks the ability to learn special attack "The Abaisio" at the dojo
    91376721 Unlocks Edit Parts: Cap Front D, B-type Tank Top Logo, B-type Half - Color Fading
    01831970 Unlocks Edit Parts: Doo-rag, B-type Long Sleeves - Checkered, B-type Tongue Sticking Out Camouflauge
    09626414 Unlocks Edit Parts: Onii-type D, Long Sleeved Shirt - Leather, Cropped Pants - Denim
    96315103 Unlocks Edit Parts: Long C, Popped-up Collar Short Sleeved Shirt - Flower Pattern, Cargo Half Pants Cargo
    83326310 Unlocks Edit Parts: Long D, Tank Top - Leopard Pattern, Tights - Colored Pants

    Contributed by: Aerith