This is the most kungfu-ish game I have ever played

User Rating: 9 | Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise PC
You shouldn't miss this game if you are action or fighting game fan. As Chinese I have to say this is the most kungfu-ish game I have ever played.
It features excellent combat design, character, art style. The hit responce feels just right. The combat system is different with other games, its very important to change the fighting style during the combat. The enemy AI is quite agreesive and they won't just stand there and watch you fight. The UI give very good hint for beginners.

You have to fight through Shawlin temple, empire tomb, etc. fight against lots of different enemies. But it will be very hard in later stage.

Its a pure action game, The comic style of story is simple but right on the spot. no puzzle solving, no platforming, just about kicking asses!

The game also include Co-op and online multiplayer. I havn't try it out but as an arcade game is very valuable.

Finally, if you want give a try, there is a demo available too.