A must play game.. With awesome actions..

User Rating: 10 | Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise PC
Remember the old arcade game, beat'em'up games, break your records type games..
Kung fu strike is one of the best of it..
After a long time a good action/fighting/beat'em'up game has come.
You've total 28 small stages to complete, which you can play in easy/medium/hard modes, believe me sometimes the easiest mode looks like the hardest one.
There are a lot of option and moves which can be unlocked later, only thing you've to do is continue playing and earning more money.
Another speciality of this game is that, you can play the game levels as co-op modes. Also two-player fighting is possible..
This game gives you everything if you love fighting games..
I love this game and just after finishing it.. I thought to rate and review it..
Thank you for reading this (and sorry for my English Grammar.)