Kung Fu Rider Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    Code Effect
    Slide for 100m bent backwards. BACK BREAKER
    Slide 1000m without crashing. SAFE SLIDER
    Grind for 1000m (cumulative). THE SLASHER
    Earn $1,000,000. SLIDING MILLIONAIRE
    Stay airborne for 3 seconds. THE GLIDER
    Max out Boost within 10 seconds. HYPER SLIDER
    Bash 5000 objects (cumulative). THE BLASTER
    Slide 1000m with Power Dash (cumulative). HURRICANE
    Achieve a 30 chain. CHAIN MASTER
    Defeat 100 mafia. TOWN CLEANER
    Destroy 100 red signs. BUSINESS NUISANCE
    Obtain all collectible medals. MEDAL COLLECTOR
    Attain S rank on all missions. CHAIRMASTER