Few games have blown me off my feet like this one! A fantastic game in its genre, and a must have for RE fans!

When I saw this game in stores, it had already gone platinum. It had already been reviewed on this beautiful site, and other games had already been released (like the awful RE Outbreak games). But still, this one really drew me towards itself, I kid you not! I had heard nothing but good about this game, and because of the Platinum price tag, I decided to go for it. When I first played the game I thought it was kind of stupid to have to baby-sit the president's daughter all the time. You know, that Wayne Rooney look-a-like with the blond wig, also known as Ashly :)
But it turned out a masterful move by Capcom! You have to continuously keep an eye on her, while enemies relentlessly swarm towards you in packs, throwing knives and pitch-pickaxes at your face. The dreaded hooded Ganado with the chainsaw has creeped me out every single time. It's not that he is that hard to kill, but if he gets close to you, it's GAME OVER no matter what!! He cuts your head off in one 'not too clean' sweep. Just thinking about that made me want to avoid him at all costs.
The bossfights require your utmost attention, and if you so much as blink, you loose half your life, especially further in the game. The bonus modes and bonus costumes make it very worthwile playing the game again and again. And even after there's nothing more to gain, you'll find yourself having the guilty pleasure of going through the main story mode again, just for the fun of it. I'm already in my 4th turn, even though I have pretty much unlocked everything.
The bonus 'Mercenary' mode is nerve wrecking and is a beautiful bonus to an already breathtaking game.