what? is this next gen?

ok this is my first review. so i wouldnt even call it a review. more like a guideline.

first of all let me start saying that this game would have been awesome... as a launch title... why? well bc this game looks... outdated. not even bc its graphics but when it comes to gameplay. if u played the first mercenaries. u will notice that only a few things changed or maybe nothing changed. makes you wonder what did pandemic do all these years. feels like all they did was copy/paste mercs 1 code into mercs 2 add some "better" graphics and we are done. thing that wouldnt surprise me due to the fact that pandemic belongs to EA. and well all know EA's history of "making" broken games hoping that ppl wont notice that and if they do well we can always fix it with a Patch.

GAMEPLAY: well like i said the gameplay feels outdated... feels like an xbox game in a Xbox 360 disc. but dont get me wrong just bc it feels outdated doesnt mean it sucks. is just that. it doesnt feel alrite. but u can still can have some fun. theres lots of things to do and to find. theres some collectibles scattered all around the map. and well thanx to XBL u and a friend can create some havok. bc we all know that blowing stuff up is always fun. specially with a friend.

GRAPHICS: like i said this game looks like a ps2 game. and not a good one.

CONTROLS: the controls are ok. its really easy to aim and shoot unlike GTAIV. and the vehicles are easy to drive. with the right stick u control the camera so its easy to be aware of your surroundings.

CLOSING COMMENTS: well this game its still fun despite the whole Outdated "issue". for most ppl i would say its a great rental. but if u like freeroaming an co op games Mercenaries 2 should be a nice addition to your game library. If not. well then thats why we all love Gamefly. right?