Kolibri Cheats For Sega 32X

  1. Level Select Codes

    Code Effect
    KQYZHFDM Warning Signs
    BLSCGFDP Rescue
    PQWTGFDV Eruption
    CZWTJFDG Infestation
    CSLFHZCS Expiry
    FQKJTTDY Metastasis
    SVNZTTDF New Infection
    RWMBGFDZ Deep Seeding
    ZVQVPTDN Plains Infection
    NXXDPTDJ Terra Lesion
    FDYDHFDR Terra Decay
    NCVPRTDM Cold Entrance
    NGYGSTDF Dark Cavity
    BJGQRTDP Dark Obstruction
    QYRQTTDW To The Light
    PSVZCVDH Infected Forest
    CYYRDVDX Old World Infection
    GQDZBVDK Penetration
    CVCKCVDW Extraction
    RKGYVZCN Remission

    Contributed by: AileronNoir 

  2. Debug Menu

    To Enter this code you must pause your game during normal gameplay. Thanks to TascoDLX for finding the code.

    Code Effect
    Hold A and press Left, Right, release A. Hold B and press Down,Right, release B. Hold C and press Down,Up, release C. Enables Debug Menu

    Contributed by: hiro1112 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by AileronNoir 43K