An unnoticed PS2 gem.

User Rating: 9 | Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil PS2
Klonoa 2 is one game that many gamers seem to have passed by whilst the original was ported to the Wii it sequel is head and shoulders above it.


At the start a mysterious is asking for Klonoas help in which he is taken to another world where he befriends a girl called Lolo. Lolo tells him that the four bells in their world need ringing and a fifth one in there world appears to stop such evil from happening.


Klonoas game revolves mainly going from point A to point B it's basically a 2D platformer with 3D backgrounds. You attack enemy by using a Wind Bullet a punch and use them to get extra height and sometimes past certain areas in the game. It's pretty simple but some tasks later in the game do have you using your head a bit with some very clever sections.

You get extra lifes by looking out for Gems and such and also there are various little objects that do other stuff like send you flying sky high to reach the top of a level or use Electricity to get past a certain blocked areas as well as get things like keys and such. Also you get to ride on a board which sends you down icy and watery slides.

If there is anything really wrong with the game it's that it's to short. It can easily be beaten in 6 hours and the bosses basically repeat the same attack pattern when you encounter them but the levels are ice and long and creative.

Overall Opinion

Overall Klonoa 2 is one of those games that anybody can play. It's fun creative and also a joy to play. It doesn't have a steep learning curve. The 2D platforming is a nice change from the 3D platforming and the worlds look nice and colorful. If you love platformers give this a go.

Overall Score 9.0