Bargain Bin Must Buy

User Rating: 8 | Kirby's Epic Yarn WII
Picked up this little ditty form a bargain bin, thinking it was worth the pay. Let me tell you something. It was worth the few bucks i shelled out. Sure this game isn't ( at all ) difficult. yet it does grow on you. The fun sets in as you find something new in each new stage that opens up with beautiful imagery and animation. It all starts really slow, and the challenge is non existent. But as you play, and as new things are added, not to mention the many transformations Kirby can turn in to, the point of the game sneaks up on you and you find yourself looking in every corner, collecting and adventuring this colorful world. A simple plat-former that surprises you with new obstacles and solutions every step of the way. I recommend this to casual gamers who find it in the bargain bin. Get out there and search.