Kirby's Epic Yarn is an Epic Success!

User Rating: 9.5 | Kirby's Epic Yarn WII
Only 3 hours into the game and so far, it is a Kirby classic! The visuals: breathtaking and charming. The controls: flawless. The cuteness: off the charts!
The game gives players the feel of an old 2D side-scroller, with the innovation of today. This is one Wii game you do not want to miss.
Playing co-op is way more fun than solo, and you can be sure that your friend will not be always in your way like in New Super Mario Bros. The levels are brilliantly designed, and the soundtrack is nothing short of pure ear candy. Yes, the game is very easy, but Kirby games always were easy for the most part. What you must look for in this game, is the pure amount of fun and innocence it brings to the table, along with a wonderful new addition to the Kirby family.
Kirby's Epic Yarn is an incredible fun game, with a imaginative worlds that captivate, stimulate, and cultivate nothing but wonder, and sheer joy.
I give this game an astounding 9.5!