There's plenty of adults that won't be able to resist the undeniable charm and cuteness of Kirby's Epic Yarn

User Rating: 8 | Kirby's Epic Yarn WII
Nintendo seem to like creating charming but strange games, and here is another. Based upon the world of Kirby, a magician called Yin-Yarn is changing the world into Yarn, and it is up to Kirby to progress through the levels, collecting beads and use the magic yarn to patch the world together and eventually return to his home of Dream Land. The story is wonderfully narrated much like a children's story, and given the games colourful graphics and simple game-play; there is no denying it is a children's game. Due to the simple graphical style, the resolution is super sharp and looks high definition. Kirby is animated brilliantly and he transforms smoothly as you traverse the levels. When you run, Kirby transforms into a car, a spring when you jump, parachute whilst falling, tank when pulling zips, ball when swinging, and a submarine when swimming. At the end of most levels there is usually a section where Kirby will transform into a large object and the game-play takes a different style. For example he may turn into a large tank where you shoot enemies from the sky, a dolphin to swim and jump through hoops, or turn into a train and you have to guide him by placing tracks. Pretty much anyone can complete the levels since Kirby cannot die. If he falls into a hole, he will get dragged back, and if he hits an enemy, he loses some of the beads he has collected, although you get a chance to reclaim them like in the Sonic games. Medals are awarded for finishing the level with a certain amount of beads, so it is important you try not to get hit as the penalty is quite severe. The levels are brilliantly designed and there are plenty of secret sections to look out for. In these sections you will find the furniture items, roulette wheel pieces or a large amount of beads. The furniture items can be placed in your flat which doesn't add much to the game but gives you something to collect and can pose a challenge if you want to go for 100% completion. The roulette wheel is the end of level marker and gives you a chance of bonus beads if you have collected the wheel pieces. The levels can be played multiplayer (I didn't try this out myself) which probably is a brilliant feature for parents and children to play together due to the simple but fun game-play. The main control scheme is with the remote turned on its side. One button jumps and one button attacks. Kirby can send out a string of yarn to attack, or by holding it down, can grab them and use them as a weapon to throw. There are bits of the environment you can interact with too such as tugging at loose threads to reveal doors or secrets. Despite it being aimed at children, there's plenty of adults that won't be able to resist the undeniable charm and cuteness of Kirby's Epic Yarn. Sadly, it is over too quick since it clocks around five hours; but sure is fun while it lasts.