Fun for the kiddos, but also a great game for anyone.

User Rating: 8 | Kirby's Epic Yarn WII

Epic Yarn is a simple platformer that incorporates unique gameplay elements into a fun, new experience for the Wii. Gone are the constant deaths and the excrutiatingly back-stabbing "Game Over" screens, as death is completely nonexistent in this game. The only thing that is damaged or lost throughout the levels is the beads you collect along the way, which fall out if you fall off a cliff or bump into enemies. These beads can be used to purchase in-game items for Kirby's "pad", which is basically a customizeable apartment. This feature was also a nice tidbit and added for some childish fun, there are tons of furniture to choose from as well.

The controls follow any of the basic platformer setup and can be mastered almost instantly. Kirby also has the unique ability to turn into a car by gaining momentum and skidding. He can also use yarn as a lasso and pull objects closer, etc., by pressing '1'.

I find that this game in particular will appeal to fans of other Wii-based platformers (i.e. New Super Mario Bros.), as the co-ops are very similar. I recommend this for casual players and children, but there is still much in the fun factor for teens and adults.