Kirby is back after been away for so long.

User Rating: 8 | Kirby's Epic Yarn WII
Many people will know the character Kirby from Smash Bros but in fact he began on the NES with the likes of Mario,Zelda and Metroid.


Yin Yarn has turned Dreamland into a world of Chaos with everything cover in string from Kirbys enemies to his world. With the help of Fluff, Kirby must find pieces of the Magic Yarn to restore Dreamland to it's rightful state.


The game mainly plays on a 2D plane but some doors can see you go into the background to collect stuff. Kirby can glide when dropping and also run faster by tapping forward on the D Pad which is how the game plays like a typical sidescroller.

Kirby can collect jewels which add to currency and end of level score as well as items for his pad and even music from the level. Kirby can buy new stuff for his pad but that doesn't really matter that much and feels unnecessary.

In some levels Kirby can transport into objects like a tank,train,spaceship and other various types of vehicles. The game has about 3 or 4 levels before you face a boss but you can access other levels based on score from previous stages and you can even play with 2 players competing for the top score.

One massive flaw with the game though is you can't die you lose jewels but you will never die and that it being a platform game can be unforgivable even on bosses as well because when it comes to bosses in games you do die a few times in most games before beating them.


The game itself looks fantastic one if not the nicest looking game on the Wii next to the likes of Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword. It adds nice character and shows hardware isn't to important.


About 8 to 10 hours maybe more for the perfectionist but after beating it there really isn't much to go back for.

Overall Opinion

A great title that is worth playing through at least once. It has alot of charm and the graphics are nice and catchy but the main drawback is you can't die in the game but don't let that put you off playing a great Wii title.

Overall Score 8.0



I agree that this game is too easy for experienced gamers, but I don’t agree that it’s because you can’t dieIf you don't care about how many jewels you have at the end of each level, than almost all levels and bosses become cake walks. But if you try to earn the gold medals, some levels can become somewhat tough, and make you restart from the beginning several times before you are able to get them. So, the game can be more or less easy depending on how you play it. It's similar to having multiple difficulty levels, although in this case the hardest one is still relatively easy. But if the enemies were tougher and more aggressive, and the level designs were cleverer and more intricate, the game would've been challenging without having to punish you with death at any time, IMHO. The game might not stop you from reaching the end of the levels, but if you don’t collect enough jewels (or lose them) you don’t earn the gold medal, which means that level isn’t truly beat, at least to me.

In action-platformers, the precision and timing that the game demands of you is at least half of what makes a game more or less challenging, so it has to make you start over when you fail too much. But I think this game has much more in common with puzzle-platformers, at least in most levels, in which the pace is more deliberate and the challenge comes from uncovering the levels’ secret. You also couldn't die in Wario Land 3 or Braid and those still were challenging games to beat. Wario Land 3 punished your failings by forcing you to go to another part of the level, Braid had a limited window of time in which the puzzles could be solved, after which you have to start over, and Kirby's Epic Yarn punishes’ you by spreading the jewels you’ve collected in the area around you, which then disappear within a limited time. So the biggest flaw of Kirby's Epic Yarn isn’t in not making you die, it’s in not being puzzling, elaborate and aggressive enough, IMHO.