Great fun. Great Multiplayer.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kirby's Ghost Trap SNES
This is basically a Tetris-type connect four game. Line up four of the same colored boulders to make a line disappear. This also releases a boulder onto the enemy's pile of colors they need to link together. Thus causing a big "log jam" for the opponent or enemy making it harder for them to link their together. If you came link up several colors all at the same time you will release an ungodly avalanche on your victim. It does give a great sense of relief once you've unleashed a massive dump on your enemy. It make a great multiplayer game, which could lead to friendships ending and tirades of curses and possibly fist fights. Again a great multiplayer game.

You play against a list of odd kirby characters ending in a match versus King Deedeedee. They progressively get tougher to beat, very simple.