Do you have a plan B?

Well, I beat the easiest mode today, and it was fairly easy, I've also played a little online with people, and I must say, It's awesome. It doesn't take very long to get the hang of it, and yet, it takes a very long time to master it. Using the A button for running and hiding behind stuff makes for some pretty bad moments when you need to run away and end up stuck behind/in front of some cover. But everything else feels just right about the controlls.

The graphics might not blow you away, but it'll push you back a bit. All of the Locust look like some nightmare-ish creature and really make it kinda a horror game. It's just great to look at. I don't think I saw anything muddy or lagg in the game (say for one multi-player match which I lagged a heck of a lot!) It was just awesome to see all of the stuff on the screen, I don't think anything I've played comes close to it. An easy 10 there.

Gameplay is great. Running around and ducking behind things makes it feel more like something you'd do for real then running around and shooting things and taking a million hits before dying. AI is pretty good, better then most games like this, though could be a little better. I've had a few bad guys run at me for a cheap shot only to be sawed into a few different pieces, and I had one or two Locust fire the way they came and not at me or my team, but mostly they'll pin you down.

The sound makes it feel like you're there! What's more to say about that?

You'll spend a day or two beating the game (total) and you can spend an endless amount of time online but that'll get old after a few months for some people (who aren't like me!) So you'll get what you pay for no doubt.

The story isn't as bad as some people have said, but you'll be lost if you didn't know what was going on or didn't read the book lit. But, I heard the end sucked a lot and was a "cliff hanger", it's more of a set up for the next one then anything.

Well, it'll be a nice add to you're 360 and I'd get it again.