If Canvas Curse had you wanting more, then Squeak Squad will be the oh so sweet dessert.

User Rating: 9.1 | Byeol ui Kieby: Dauphin Ildang ui Seupgyeok DS
First you draw a circle, then you dot the eyes, add a great big smile, and you have Kirby. With the exception of Canvas Curse, Kirby games have not changed ever since Kirby’s Adventure for the NES. But as Nintendo shows us, no matter how old the franchise is, if a formula works, stick with it.

Squeak Squad is Kirby’s newest adventure in the world of the Nintendo DS. Instead of being cursed and stuck in a ball form, Kirby is the normal platformer you’ll know and love. For the most part, the same enemies you’ve seen since Kirby’s Adventure, Nightmare in Dreamland, and The Magic Mirror make their appearance in this side scrolling adventure. You’ll have the beam, the sword, and laser, and yes even the UFO, my personal favorite.

What are new to the Kirby formula are Kirby’s new attack strategies. Kirby can now use multiple type attacks in certain forms. By rapidly pressing the B button in Sword Mode, you can execute a multiple slash attack. Running with a hammer and pressing the B button will allow you to use a spin attack, and so forth.

Also new is a way to store items. On the bottom screen you can store five bubble items, and only bubble items. There you can mix and match abilities and health items. It’s no Kirby 64 when it comes to mixing modes. Instead of creating a new mode by combing Fire and Bubble, you would actually get a pre-existing mode, such as Wheel mode for the sake of conversation. Kirby’s new enemies this time isn’t King Dedede, but instead the Squeaks. The Squeaks are a treasure stealing band of thieves that you’ll have to take on each level. Through the course, you’ll pick up a certain number of treasure chests. Of course the goal is to collect all the treasure chests, which sacrifice bubble slots on the bottom screen.

With a new game, new enemies, and the same way of playing, Kirby Squeak Squad is a must have for any Nintendo DS owners.