Pink squishy fun.

User Rating: 9 | Byeol ui Kieby: Dauphin Ildang ui Seupgyeok DS
Kirby, the world's favorite puffball, is back and is here to kick rodent butt. In Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby is ready to have strawberry shortcake when al of a sudden somebody steals it. After taking on Dedede, he learns the Squeak Squad have been behind the theft. Now Kirby, along with a new arsenal of new abilities including Ninja, Ghost, Animal, Bubble, Hi-Jump, Triple Star and more, Kirby will solve puzzles and fight foes on his way to Gamble Galaxy, where Kirby will face off against te Squeak Squad's leader, Daroach. There's loads of replay value in KSS, and there's three little minigames, plus a music player and more, you'll never get bored with KSS....but it's too darn short! Savor it; it's a tasty little fluffy puff marshmallow, and they don't have a long life span. Enjoy!