Kirby's back in this great addition to the DS library that literally takes the cake!

User Rating: 8.5 | Byeol ui Kieby: Dauphin Ildang ui Seupgyeok DS
This game is practically your standard Kirby game. You go around, suck things up, collect stuff, and it's very easy. The plot is just plain ridiculous, but don't worry, it's not bad. Kirby was one day in a grassy field about to enjoy a fresh slice of strawberry shortcake, when it is suddenly stolen and Kirby assumes that King Dedede is up to his evil plans again. At the end of the first world, Kirby realizes that it wasn't stolen by who he thought, but an infamous group of thieving mice that go by the name "The Squeaks". Throughout the game, you travel all around the large world of Dreamland searching for the mysterious hiding gang. Later, Kirby fights the leader of the Squeaks named Daroach. Once Kirby is about to obtain the chest containing the cake, Meta Knight flies by and takes the chest. When you trace Meta Knight down and beat him, you are given the treasure chest again and Squeaks come back and steal it yet again expecting the cake, but instead there is a dark cloud that takes Daroach and possesses him to make "Dark Daroach". Defeat Dark Daroach and the final boss finally comes in, the true form the evil aura called Dark Nebula. You kill him, the Squeaks send you the cake back as an apology for all of the trouble they have caused and Kirby enjoys the delicious desert. All for a darn cake.

Well, the plot may be a bit weird, but it's a great, solid Kirby platformer. It plays almost exactly like the previous Kirby titles, which is really good. The touch screen is frequently used for things such as selecting stored powers or mixing them to make different ones. One thing I find really fun about this one is collecting the chests. There is an average of three or two treasure chests in every level. Getting them will add extras, bonuses, and etc. It is a really addicting addition that made me want to play this game everyday until I got every chest. Overall, it's a fun, quirky platformer. If you haven't got this yet, you're missing out on a great DS game.