Kirby:Mass attack has give us a very surprising fresh new experience

User Rating: 8.5 | Atsumete! Kirby DS
Apart from the previous classic kirby,this game along with Canvas curve have give us some unique experience.
Using the ds stylus to control Kirby is very enjoyable and the developer has done well to give us the ability to control up to 10 kirby(wow amazing:D).Watching 10 Kiiby gather up and beat up 1 poor guy is so funny.U will be surprise with the amazing amount of fun it has to give.It's all going very smooth,the movement,the attack.And with the present of 10 kirby,there are some points u need the co-operation of more than 1 kirby to get to all the secrets hidden in 5 worlds ,and that always keep the game fresh.The graphic still as wonderful as the other kirby,bright and vivid.and the soundtrack is very cute.
The boss fight is one thing i always appreciate in kirby game an this one has a good way to perform it.There are a lot of bosses around and each one has a different strategy to defeat.although it's a little repetitive because kirby doesn't have the old-school ability but it's still so much fun to play.
With the appear of 3ds,Kirby mass attck is a wonderful gift to the still-ds-owner and i will expect some wonderful pink-puff adventures coming from 3ds:D