Great fun at first - but too difficult after a while. You can only use the pin and that's annoying!

User Rating: 7 | Atsumete! Kirby DS
We were really looking forward to this game and at first this new Kirby game lived totally up to our expectations. Very nice graphics and the gameplay was good and exciting. We are fans of the Kirby games in my family. However, that only lasted for so long. When you get to the last part of the game, it gets much too difficult and that is not only the boss fights. We will never get to the end of this game!

Another annoying thing is that you can only use the pin which makes the game more difficult to master when the ging gets tough. Especially because you have been getting used to seldom/never using the pin in most other games for the DSi/3DS.

Some of the minigames are quite fun for a while and that makes a little up for the frustration in the main game.

Mixed feelings about this one! The programmers of games often forget who they are making a game for - like in this case. I guess this game is not especially targeted for grown ups or big kids (or pro reviewers who always tend to think games are too easy while they are not) - so why make it so difficult!?

We hope the upcoming Wii game will be much better and not so tough!
Kirby should be kid's games!